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How To Use Coca-Cola To Keep Your Garden Growing!

 When it comes to Coca-Cola, it is often described as a 'junk food', and rightly so because of it's high sugar content. However, did you know that Coke can be used to promote a more healthy lifestyle? Believe it or not, Coca Cola can help you improve your diet! Using Coca Cola To Help Your Garden When it comes to Coke, it certainly can make you feel better, but overall, ingestion of it won't help you become a healthier person. However, it can help if you use it one rung up the healthy tree! How? Many gardeners know that the best healthy crop in the world can often be the focus of little critters that want to eat your food more than you. So, how can you stop the nasty snails and slugs from devouring your leafy vegetables? Well, you could find a great pesticide by Googling ' local businesses near me ' and hopping dow to your local hardware store. However, there is a cheaper, and less dangerous way to win the battle! Use Coke!! Coke, as we know has not the greatest

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