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1 Pro Way To Clean A Window Without A Squeegee

 When it comes to cleaning windows, there are two options: Either hire a window cleaning service, and pay top dollar for a great job. Yes, that's right, you will get an amazing job, but spending lots of money is not sustainable if you want to do the task more than once a year. And, when you Google ' local businesses near me ', who knows what you'll get! Allow me to illustrate. When I first moved to Perth from London, I set up a window cleaning business. Surprisingly it was very popular, I got heaps of quotes. However, the reason for this soon became clear. One day, a customer called, asking for me by name. I replied that it was me. The customer then said: 'Great that you are back window cleaning, now that you are out of jail'! Now, I can assure you, as at time of writing, I have not been to jail, so I corrected the customer. However, the customer insisted that the person that they knew, of the same name as me, was indeed recently released from jail. This stunnin

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