How To Save $500 Year On Electricity

 Firstly, allow me to say: This idea must comply with local laws, requirements, and may require a qualified electrician to implement. You can find a good electrician by searching through an online directory of 'local businesses near me' on your search engine.

What Is The Concept?

Save Money With Solar

Many people around the World save alot of money each year by pumping solar power back into the grid. However, in Australia, and other places, authorities are reducing the amount they pay you for your input, meaning that it is taking longer and longer to get back the money that you invest. But, there is a better way!

Think Tesla and what do you think? Cars yes. However, they also build lithium batteries that can power a own, and more crucially, provide back up power incase of a grid failure. Tesla are market leaders in renewable energy but you can be the renewable energy expert, at least in your own home.

How much would you be willing to spend if you could save 100 pounds/dollars on each electricity bill? Well, for around 500 you can get started!

What You'll Need

To get started you'll need a few things. Most can be bought second hand on a site like Gumtree, where second hand things are bought and sold.

There are four or five things you'll need to get started, they are:

  • camping solar panels - try for at least 160 Watts
  • Power Inverter - at least 1kw
  • solar controller
  • Deep cycle battery with leads
  • Battery Box

As owner of window cleaning Sydney, I have always been seeking ways to save money. As such, I have assembled several of these units, and most of them cost me less than $500 all up.

Again, you may be required to hire an electrician to assemble the above parts. However, the premise is that you position your solar panels in a sunny courtyard, or garden area. The leads from the the panels are then fed through a solar controller, where the charge is regulated. The controller is then attached to a deep cycle battery for power storage, and then the power is discharged through an inverter(store in a battery box for safety).

Once you have set it up, you will not only have an emergency source of power in case of a blackout, but you can also run your TV, or other low usage appliances directly from the inverter. If you are unsure about how to set things up properly, there are many great instructional videos on Youtube.

If you run your TV each day( and your fridge, if you like ), you can save around $80-100 each bill! Or, you can set up your outdoor lighting, sprinklers etc from the inverter. The concept is simple: panels to charge controller to battery, inverter! QED!!

Take Control Of Your Spending

With this really quite simple concept, and observing all relevant safety requirements, you can not only save your budget for more important things(like Coffee!), but you can have FREE and reliable power for years to come.

If you were to save $80 per 2 month billing cycle, that equates to nearly $500 a year in savings..enough to pay back what you invested, and to pay your TV licence, or weekend break away each year. Or, you could pay off your credit card, or your petrol bill...the possibilities are endless!

So, take control of your spending and use the sun to pay your bills!