How To Clean Windows Like A Pro For Nearly Free!

 When it comes to cleaning windows, it is tempting to do one of two things:

  • Do the best job you can for nearly FREE, or
  • Hire a professional window cleaner

But, what if you do combine both? Clean windows  at minimal cost, at a professional standard, well the answer is that you can!

What Equipment Will You Need?

When it comes to cleaning windows, professional window cleaners usually have two things that most people don't have: enormous experience, and professional equipment. Perhaps this is true of you as well.

How To Clean Windows Like A Professional

However, the reality is that you may have exactly what you need to do a great job, and if you don't it won't cost the earth to get them!

So, what exactly will you need? In addition to a squeegee (a professional one is best, but a bathroom glass one will do), you will need only two things:

  • A garden hose
  • A water brush ( the kind you clean your car with, non-scratch)

With those 3 things, the squeegee, the hose, and the brush, you now have everything that you need to do a great job cleaning your outside windows!

The Technique To A Great Window Clean

Now, you may wonder: How does this guy know what he is talking about? I have been a professional window cleaner for more than 20 years, and, I use this method when time is of the essence. The great thing is that this method is something that just about anyone can use!

So, how do you do this? Firstly, attach your water brush to your garden hose.

Next, remove any obstructions to the window, such as flyscreens etc. You will also need to move anything sensitive away from the windows since water will be used. You should be prepared for splashing since a continuous flow of water will be present.

Following this, scrub down the windows, frames, and sills with the water brush (the water must be on of course!). Give the whole window a great scrub. This is actually going to make the window cleaner than a professional would do since some don't clean the frames. Pay attention to get rid of any fly residue, sticky substances, and cobwebs.

Now, if you were to leave the water on at this point, calcium, lime, and whatever is in the water in terms of impurities would leave spots all over the glass. It would hardly look clean, but this is where the squeegee comes in!

Before the water dries, take your squeegee and remove all the water from the glass. You may need to wipe around the frame, drying it, to ensure that once you have squeegeed the glass that water doesn't drip down the windows.

Clean your windows like a pro

So, that process again: scrub the window using only water, the brush, and the hose. Then, squeegee off the water.

Then, your windows, frames, and sills will be professionally clean! Better still, the job will be amazing, and the cost minimal or FREE!

*If, for some reason, you have tint on the outside of the window, you won't be able to use this method as almost any contact will damage the tint.