How To Clean A Coffee Machine( Or Other Steel Appliances ) For Nearly FREE

Cleaning Coffee Machine

How To Clean A Coffee Machine ( Or Other Stainless Steel Applicances For *FREE)

If you are tempted to buy expensive chemicals to clean your coffee machine...don't 

As a Sydney window cleaner, I have seen thousands of stores where cleaning of staninless steel appliances has gone horribly wrong. So let me show you what I have learnt...and what works best for me when you need your machine sparkling!

What You'll Need

Cleaning Materials

Actually, to get a sparkling finish on your coffee machine couldn't be easier! All you'll need to do an amazing job are the following:

2 Cloths(1 Normal, 1 Lint Free)
A Bucket of Hot Water

So, before attempting to clean your Stainless Steel appliance, make you sure that you have Hot Water(not dangerously hot), and the two cloths mentioned above.

It is important to note that both cloths should be clean, with no sticky substances, or dust on them.

How To Clean 

Cleaning Technique

The first step towards getting amazingly clean surfaces is to dip the wetting cloth into the hot water, and wipe the area, removing all dirt and grime.

Cleaning House

After ensuring that all grease and grime has been removed from the area, take your lint free cloth, also known as surgical towels, and throughly dry the area.

You will likely find that the Coffee Machine, or Stainless Steel surface will achieve a shine that simply is not possible by using more expensive cleaning agents.

So, in summary, keep in mind the reasons why you should use this method, and not the more expensive cleaning methods.

Firstly, the results are better. Secondly, there are no harsh chemicals involved, and, thirdly, you will save a ton of money!

When it comes to knowing how to clean a coffee machine, KISS it! Yes, Keep It Simple Silly!