1 Pro Way To Clean A Window Without A Squeegee

 When it comes to cleaning windows, there are two options: Either hire a window cleaning service, and pay top dollar for a great job. Yes, that's right, you will get an amazing job, but spending lots of money is not sustainable if you want to do the task more than once a year. And, when you Google 'local businesses near me', who knows what you'll get! Allow me to illustrate.

When I first moved to Perth from London, I set up a window cleaning business. Surprisingly it was very popular, I got heaps of quotes. However, the reason for this soon became clear.

One day, a customer called, asking for me by name. I replied that it was me. The customer then said: 'Great that you are back window cleaning, now that you are out of jail'!

Now, I can assure you, as at time of writing, I have not been to jail, so I corrected the customer. However, the customer insisted that the person that they knew, of the same name as me, was indeed recently released from jail. This stunning claim was repeated several times by customers before I realised the improbable truth...someone who had exactly the same name as me had run a window cleaning business in exactly the same location! You could have knocked me down with a feather! However, I did profit off of my namesake, so I guess I was able to endure the infamy.

Anyway, I digress. Now, back to the 1 Pro Way To clean a window with a squeegee.

What Is The Technique?

The idea is based around the Pure Water window cleaning technique used by window cleaning pros. Here I am pictured doing just that as owner of window cleaning Sydney. The basic premise is that you clean a window with pure water and allow it to dry...that's it!

Pure water window cleaning

Now of course, you are probably looking at that picture, and asking yourself: What is this guy on? I can't afford gear like that! 

Well, the good news is..you don't have to! You see, the premise is that you need clean water, and a way to remove dirt, ie scrubbing.

The Equipment That You'll Need

So, now you know what needs doing, how can you do this at home? Here's what you'll need:

  • Pure Water - Either from your tap filtration unit, or, by buying some pure water from the local store..around $1.50 per bottle.
  • A very clean non abrasive cloth.
  • A spray bottle.
  • A towel to stop slops.

So, now you have all you need to create pro style clean windows. The next question is: How to do it?

Getting The Technique Right

So now, how can you clean your window or windows without a squeegee? 

Firstly, let's assume that you cleaning the inside of a window where you need to be very careful. Firstly, place the towel at the base of the window. This is to stop any water damaging your carpet, or walls.

Next, fill your spray bottle with the very clean water. This will control the flow of water, allowing you to clean with no mess.

Spray the pure water generously on the window, making sure that very dirty spots are well soaked. Once the window is sufficiently wet, take your non scratch cloth and give the window a good scrub. Make sure that you remove all dirt from the surface of the glass. It doesn't matter that the dirt is still on the glass, as long as it is not stuck on the glass.

cleaning windows at home

Next, using your spray bottle, working from the top down, spray enough pure water on the glass to completely wash off all the dust and dirt particles. Work down with the spray in a fanning motion, ie left to right, like a windscreen wiper. As soon as the dirt has been removed from the part of the glass that you are washing, move to the next part of the window. Adjust the spray to ensure that all dirt is washed off.

Once you are at the bottom of the window, you will notice two things. Firstly, you have a wet window, but secondly, and more importantly, there is no dirt on the glass! How do you deal with the wet window?

The beauty is, that you don't need to deal with the wet window! As long as you have completely washed off all dust and dirt, the water will dry clear...it is pure water and contains no impurities. The end result will be a clean window, cleaned like a pro...without the use of expensive window cleaning equipment!

Happy Professional Cleaning!