5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Plumber

5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Plumber

Some tips on hiring a Plumber.

Before getting to specific requirements when hiring a plumber here are some general criteria in finding the ‘right’ plumber for you. This is a decision that help help or hamper your day…week..or month. Here are a few general ideas when choosing a plumber.

  • Choose  only licensed plumbers, the money saved with ‘cheaper’ ones is just an illusion.
  • Your plumber should be insured.
  • Check the plumbers’ experience. The more experienced…the better.
  • After the inspection, they should be able to give a written accurate quote.
  • Ask about the work guarantees – what exactly do they promise to deliver.
  • Ask for client references—and contact them–before you hire your plumber.

Now that you know the general tips, here are five critical questions you should ask every plumber before hiring them:

Do you need a plumber now to fix your problem? We have a great deal of the most common questions you should ask! The answers will help fix your plumbing issue…or make the problem worse. They will help you avoid hiring a plumber who is only one in name – a problem that can end up costing you more than just money.

1. What will be the total cost of fixing your plumbing problem?

Customer must exercise caution, if not be downright skeptical, about taking estimates over the phone. Trustworthy plumbers will never guess the cost without an inspection, always analysing the problem before calculating the cost. Also, experienced professionals will factor in the cost of the parts required to fix the job properlyi. You can check if they do this by asking the plumber you’re contacting if the quote includes BOTH parts and labourc.

2. Find out who they will send?

Check if the plumbing service uses subcontractors or employees then, ask questions like:

  • How much experience do they have?
  • What credentials and references do the have?
  • What qualifications?


. You don’t want to risk having the work done by someone who is not qualified to do this or who will rack up a massive hourly rate.

3. Check the plumbers licensing?

If your area requires plumbers to be licensed, be sure that the person you contact is indeed licensed. You can ask for proof of their license. Be careful about hiring inexperienced plumbers, they may be cheaper initially…but ending up costing much more.

4. Ask, “Do you have insurance?”

A “yes” response means that the plumber can provide evidence of their insurance. If asked, make the plumber aware that you won’t accept being held responsible for any injuries or damage sustained during the repairs and that the plumber must accept responsibility for this.

5. Is the rate fixed or variable?

Make sure of the estimate you get so that there are no price hikes due to ‘unforeseen issues’. If the plumber says that their rate is hourly, ask how long they estimate the job to take, and the maximum amount of time they have taken in this situation. A very experienced plumber will quickly be able to size up the job, whereas an inexperienced plumber will seem unsure or vague.

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