How To Make A Home Made Window Cleaning Solution

 How To Make A Home Made Window Cleaning Solution

In these days of economising, it goes without saying that paying money for services such as window cleaning is not always preferential. With that in mind, I consulted Perth window cleaning for some tips on how you can do this yourself. And, here is what they told me:

Do The Preparatory Work First

When it comes to cleaning your own windows, it is not simply a case of making a solution, and 'slapping it on'. There are so many variables that must be considered first. For instance, are the windows tinted? If they are, you can't use chemicals, or acidic solutions on them. Checking this first can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage to your windows. Next, how will you apply the solution? Using a scourer pad could end up scratching your glass, and again, causing massive financial loss. Either of those mistakes could cost you the equivalent of a few years of window cleaning, so, do the preparatory work first..and save yourself from financial ruin!

There is an old saying that 'an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure', or something like that. So, before we begin, do the prep work first, you'll be glad that you did!

The Recipe

Now, when it comes to making the right recipe for window cleaning solution, the first thing to consider is what you did with regard to preparatory work. If you are satisfied that this has been completed successfully, it is now time to move onto making the solution.

The solution that works best, only works best on normal, good old-fashioned, glass windows. You will find that one glass window is not the same quality as the next. Old time glass seems to be denser, and less porous than modern, cheaper, productions. So, for the best results, it is best to use your solution on glass that is quality. Cheaper, modern glass will sometimes smear instead of coming up cleaner, it's just a fact and not much can be done about it.

So, for the recipe, this is what Perth window cleaning would use if their suppliers went out of business.

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